Christian Book Fair

Book fairs are great ways to encourage reading among youth or the community and provide a great fundraising opportunity for the school as well.  The Christian Book Fair is unique in that it provides faith based books to inspire hearts, minds and spirit of readers.  Faith based books include books that are biblical based as well as books that are based on Christian moral values and virtues.  The Christian Book Fair hopes to provide books that encourage and inspire children in their moral life, literary skills, and knowledge base as well as provide schools with an opportunity to raise funds for their educational program.

Faith based books are fun!  We sell graphic novels, novels, picture books and educational books. We sell plenty types of genres and hope your kids love it.  We have books for preschool, elementary, middle and high school.  Each book will generate %50 of the profit for the school’s fundraiser.

Types of Book Fairs:

  1. Catalog.  This Book Fair will provide a age appropriate catalog to distribute to families at your school.
  2. Catalog and Live Book Fair.  This book fair will provide appropriate catalog to distribute to families at your school as well as come set up a live book fair for a couple of days for children to directly view and purchase books.
  3. Online Book Fair.  This book fair will provide the opportunity for families to go online and purchase books while specifying the recipient of the generated funds for the schools fundraiser.

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Helping Two Hearts with One Hand

Each book fair may also allow families to purchase books as a book drive for the local homeless shelter or orphanage while %50 of the profit from sales will apply to the school’s fundraiser.

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